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Quick Update from the Network

We’re so excited to provide an update on how far we’ve come in just a few short months and all the exciting things we are working towards rolling out this fall.

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, we were compiling a needs assessment and presenting it to the Minister of Ag. It felt like all we had at the time was a BIG vision of what we wanted to see for Farm Mental Health in Alberta and Western Canada.

And today? Well, we’ve shared that vision with so many people, each of who believed in it as much as we do, and they’ve provided us with funding, more connections, and helped us create a roadmap on how to turn that vision into an Alberta approach to farm mental health.

And the truth is, we’re only just getting started. But we couldn’t have even made it this far without such a huge network and your continued support along the way.

While we can’t spoil all the fun by showing you everything hitting the ground in September, we wanted to give you a quick update on what we’ve been up to in the network.

Our seed funding efforts have been positive

We have received a positive response to our request for support to launch our research initiative on depopulation and are hopeful to hear back by the end of August. As we begin to look ahead for the vision of the network, we will be looking for partnership opportunities.


Partnership with AgVisor Pro

We’ve got a partnership with AgVisor Pro and the Agricultural Research & Extension Council of Alberta in the works, which will result in our ability to offer free sessions for farmers. We’re currently sourcing out a psychologist to collaborate with.


Collaboration with Alberta Chicken & Alberta Elk

We’re collaborating with Alberta Chicken & Alberta Elk to start our depopulation research on farm mental health. This will begin in late September and will be led by Dr. Rebecca Purc-Stephenson of the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus.


Website portal launching

this fall

We’re launching a website portal this fall with farm mental health resources for farmers, a collaborative space for researchers, and a growing referral list as we begin to develop our community of practice for service providers.


As you can see, September will be a busy and exciting month for the Network as we will be gradually building on our website portal, as well as formally beginning our research program.

Support for the work we are doing has been overwhelming and we are excited to be able to do this important work and be Alberta's response to farm mental health.

Once we launch, we will reach out to all of those who are ready to get involved and share with you how you can do exactly that!


Just in case you missed the white paper!

This report presents our recommendations to the Government of Alberta for developing a made-for-Alberta approach to farm mental health and provides direction for the work The Network is committed to doing.

The recommendations derive from emerging research on Canadian farmers, as well as our collective expertise and lived experiences, our engagement with members of the steering committee, and farmers who have endured mental health struggles.



The Alberta Farm Mental Health Network was created in March 2021 to provide expert advice to policymakers and program developers to assist in developing a made-for-Alberta approach to farm mental health.

The Network is currently affiliated with the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA).

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