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Pro-bono Psychological services offered during COVID

The Psycologists' Association of Alberta (PAA) Disaster Response Network (DRN) is currently active in response to two events: COVID-19 and Trauma in relation to the Indigenous Residential Schools mass grave findings.

From the PAA website:

"Albertans are resilient people and we will remain strong during this shared pandemic. Our thoughts are with all Albertans impacted COVID-19. The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta would like to help those Albertan’s who are experiencing distress due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our Disaster Response Network members are offering pro-bono psychological services with priority for health care providers and first responders traumatized by recent events. This is not a crisis line or a referral service but pro-bono support by volunteer psychologists of 1-3 sessions for those in need."

"To access this service, contact us at the PAA Office paa@paa-ab.ca (780) 424-0294 or Toll-Free at 1-888-424-0297

Victims of disasters and responders can access this service by contacting the PAA office. The office will record the caller’s information and provide it to a psychologist on the PAA DRN list. Clients should expect to hear from a psychologist within 2 business days. PAA will not share any client information. If you are a registered psychologist (provisional included) and PAA member and would like to volunteer on the DRN: complete the application form (download here) and submit it to paa@paa-ab.ca. The PAA DRN provides psychological/mental health services primarily during the recovery phase of the disaster, and psychologists will not generally be called upon to attend at the site of the disaster.

Disclaimer: The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta assumes no liability for any of the psychological services provided, nor does the PAA warrant or guarantee the availability of any particular psychological services, or their quality. Participants are required to carry their own liability insurance."

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