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New Online Certificate in Ag &Food Policy

Announcing a new UofA Augustana Extended Education course

A new online certificate in Agriculture and Food Policy is now being offered through UofA Augustana extended education series of programs. This new certificate series offers open enrollment to a number of online short courses. The courses examine key trends in agriculture with a focus on research and policy innovation and the social, economic and environmental impacts.

Courses include:

-Disrupting Consumption of Livestock Products: Good for You and the Planet?

-Understanding Food Supply and Distribution Post COVID

-Economic and Social Issues Surrounding Food Biotechnology

-The Future of Agri-Food Systems

-Data Analysis Using R for Agricultural Analysts in Public & Private Sectors

-Agri-Environmental Policy and Programs: Incentives and Ecosystem Services

Starts October 13, 2021. More information about the program can be found online here.

Are you in Southern Rural Alberta? You might be eligible to have your program fees covered through a new subsidy from the Prentice Institute. Link to more info can be found on the Certificate in Agriculture & Food Policy program webpage.

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