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Lacombe Field Day

The Field Crop Development Center (FCDC) now managed by Olds College, is an important contributor to the Regional Variety Trials (RVT) that many of the Applied Research and Forage Associations participate in. ARECA member associations have a long history of collaborating on the RVT program which evaluates the performance of newly developed annual crops that are being put forward for registration. Data from these trials is made available through the Alberta Seed Guide and through the annual reports of individual applied research association annual reports.

Did you know that the FCDC forage barley breeding program is the only one of its kind in Canada? Most barley breeding programs make early selections for malt barley traits and then may choose by visual assessment varieties that appear to have forage characteristics. The result is forage barley with stiff rough awns, and mediocre feeding performance. The FCDC forage barley program looks at the forage characteristics first and the result is high feed performance barley with excellent seed yield, disease resistance, feed quality and smooth awns. Recent FCDC varieties were registered with a AB prefix and include AB Cattlelac and AB Advantage. Attend the Lacombe field day on July 28 to learn about what is in the works at the FCDC.

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