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Farming the Web

The Alberta Forage Industry Network (AFIN) Board members, with funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program and expertise from the team at Paper Leaf, have developed the ‘Farming the Web’ website where Albertans can buy and sell their agricultural products. This website was launched on Friday, July 31, 2020 and has seen significant growth over the months and can be found at www.farmingtheweb.ca.

AFIN is excited about this new initiative and encourages all Albertans to use this marketplace and send us feedback for any improvements they would like to see. The site is run with ethics and integrity by the members of AFIN, and by the users, who are Albertan farmers.

Please note the 2021 AFIN Forage Industry Trends and AGM will be held virtually on March 9, 10, and 11, 2021. The organizing committee members are working on the agenda and would encourage you to participate in this event. It will include presentations from the various Alberta forage sectors and researchers working on forage related topics. Please stay tuned for further details about this event.

For information about AFIN please visit www.albertaforages.ca

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