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Fact sheets about suicide prevention

We are pleased to announce the release of great new resources by the Center for Suicide Prevention in collaboration with the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The five new fact sheets new fact sheets relating to suicide prevention with two focusing specifically on the Agricultural sector.

Check out Agriculture and suicide prevention” and “Rural and remote communities and suicide prevention “ that discuss the underlying issue specific to agricultural and families in these industries. considers that issues of confidentiality can make residents of rural communities hesitant to seek help when it comes to mental health. The issues of isolation, feelings of disconnection, lack of access to mental health services, and expectation of independency and self reliance.

Both of these publications suggest that we should check in regularly with the people in our lives to build connections and trust and that we should work at maintaining strong positive relationships. The purpose of The Network is to connect interested participants with resources, extension materials, ongoing events and build a community of engagement around the topic of farm mental health.

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