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Alberta Living Labs and Alberta Beef Producers

The Living Laboratories Initiative is a $185 million, 10-year program, through Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC), intended to establish a Canada-wide network of Living Labs. Where regional leaders will bring together agricultural producers, stakeholders, and scientists to co-develop, test, and monitor beneficial management practices (BMPs) to enhance climate resiliency. Living Labs are based upon three core principles: focusing on producer needs, broad and diverse partnerships, and testing in the real-life context under real agricultural production conditions. For more information please visit: https://agriculture.canada.ca/en/agricultural-science-and-innovation/living-laboratories-initiative.

Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) is the lead applicant on a Living Labs proposal “Integrating beef, forage and cropping systems to improve soil C sequestration & reduce GHG emissions.” This project has several overarching objectives:

• Assess the ability of new, or adjustments to current, beneficial management practices (BMPs) to permanently sequester C and address climate change goals.

• Identify barriers to adoption of and find solutions to increase adoption of BMPs and Agriculture Nature-Based Solutions (Ag-Nbs) to sequester C and address climate change goals;

• Conduct farm-level, regional, and industry-level economic analyses of BMPs and Ag-Nbs and extend economically sustainable practices to encourage producer adoption;

• Develop simple outcomes- and systems-based approaches for producers to quantify the costs and benefits of environmental BMPs;

• Share accurate on-farm measurements of C sequestration and GHG emissions to support C sequestration prediction mapping, GHG modelling, and life-cycle analysis;

• Inform federal and provincial policy on the effectiveness, economics, and adoption potential of Ag-Nbs and current BMPs for climate change solutions across the beef, forage, and cropping sectors; and

• Build a producer-orientated mentorship network.

Once AAFC announce the results of the Living Labs competition in Alberta, and ABPs proposal is successful, they will be looking for individuals to help fill a number of contract positions within this new project:

· The Living Labs Director will be responsible for the oversight and scientific coordination of all Living Labs activities and will report to the Core Project Team consisting of project partners who have contributed financially to this initiative.

· The KTT & Engagement Lead will be responsible for the implementation of the KTT & Engagement activities related to the project. They will report to the Living Labs Director and oversee three part-time Engagement Facilitators directly.

· The Engagement Facilitators will be responsible for direct interactions with producer collaborators participating in the project, acting as the main point of contact for producers to answer questions and assist with BMP implementation. Each Engagement Facilitator will be responsible for approximately 15 producers in each region.

These contract positions are contingent upon receipt of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) funding. Please see https://abpdaily.com/checking-in-with-abp/abp-seeking-applicants-for-living-labs-positions/ for application details.

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