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Alberta Farm Mental Health Network needs your input!

Today we launch an online survey to start building content on the AB Farm Mental Health Network landing pages. The survey is designed to gather information on resources, services and activities related to the topic of farm mental health, and will be shared though various newsletters and email lists maintained by our steering committee members, as well as posted here and on the website.

The survey asks participants to identify farm focused mental health events they know about that can be added to the Networks calendar of events, and promoted though media contacts and other service providers in the Network. The survey also asks about existing resources and services, and introduces participants to the "In the Know" farm focused mental health literacy program being delivered by AgSafe Alberta.

"The great thing about rural Alberta communities is there willingness to take the initiative and make something happen. We know there is a lot of good work being done out there and we want to create a community of engagement where we can learn from each other leverage resources to provide the best services for our farm families." This survey is one step in that direction.

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