Regional Variety Trials (RVTs)
Prior to 2020, the Alberta government collaborated with industry and other governments to conduct regional variety trials (RVTs) across Alberta. The results of these trials was published in the Alberta Seed Guide and in a government publication available on the  Changes to staff and priorities within the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2019/20 have resulted a uncertainty as to how or if this work will continue.  Current and past ARECA associations were/are important partners providing site establishment, maintenance and data collection, often at their own expense.
The latest publication of data can be found at or in the current Alberta Seed Guide.
Pest Surveillance - past
In the  past ARECA has coordinated many crop pest data collection programs. Consistent, complete surveillance information is very beneficial to the industry in terms of addressing suppression and resistance in cultivars. In 2016 ARECA conducted a province-wide Blackleg Survey. Click Here for the 2016 Survey
High Legume Pasture Project (sainfoin)

In 2018-19 ARECA associations partnered with West Central Forage Association, Peace River Forage Association of BC, & Alberta Ag and Forestry on a high legume pasture project. The goal of this project was to provide farmers with the knowledge to establish a high legume (60%+) pasture and graze that pasture in the second year. High legume pastures have a greater capacity to withstand drought conditions and are extremely productive. Seeding sainfoin, which contains tannins, into a pasture mix reduces the incidence of bloat.  This project served FA and ARA members and farmers across the province.

Results of this project and more information on sainfoin can be found on the Government of Alberta website. Many of the forage associations remain connected to producers growing sainfoin and are a good source of local knowledge.

Controlled Traffic Farming 2011-17
Controlled traffic farming is a system that tries to separate the area on which machinery travels from the area where the crop grows. Permanent traffic lanes where all machinery travels each year are established. A farmer needs to build a machinery system where, as much as possible, all machinery uses a similar wheel gauge (distance between wheels across the machine). One of the most common systems used is a 30 foot seeder, 30 foot combine/header and 90 foot sprayer, all running on a similar wheel gauge, for example 10 feet.

For more information visit CTF Alberta's facebook page
Alberta Soil Health Initiative
When the United Nations proclaimed 2015 the International Year of Soils, the ARECA associations jumped at the opportunity to highlight the role soil plays in the lives of Alberta agriculture producers. They created the Alberta Soil Health Initiative to promote conservation, management, and education surrounding agricultural soils in Alberta.

The associations continue to promote soil health through the Western Canada Conference on Soil Health and Grazing held every two years.