Doug Wray Wins CFGA Leadership Award Sponsored by New Holland

The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association is pleased to name Doug Wray as winner of the 2016 CFGA Leadership Award. Wray operates a beef grazing cow-calf operation in Irricana, AB, with his wife Linda. They run 225-plus cows, background and grass their calves and raise their own replacements with yearlings going to a custom lot. Over the years, they developed year round grazing strategies such as rotational grazing, early grass varieties, stockpiled grass, bale grazing, swath grazing and the right mix of livestock. Wray is committed to continued education about grassland and forages. He travels extensively locally and abroad to observe grassland, forage and livestock management, and freq

Transition Planning Guide for Agribusinesses now available

Transition planning is the process of planning to transfer the ownership (capital), management, and operations (labour) of an agribusiness to a child(ren), relative or other successor. Transition planning is not a single event and cannot be completed in a handful of meetings with advisors. Rather, it is a process that should be thought of as business continuity planning. Expect to invest six months to a year or more in planning for transition. View the complete Government of Alberta's Agribusiness Transition Planning Guide HERE

After Harvest – The Rest of the Story

Photo Credit: Western Producer Harvest has been a long, drawn out affair, filled with frustration and disappoint this year. Many still have crop left to be harvested or are taking it off wet. It’s been a year with many ups and downs but now is not the time to relax your vigilance. Wet grain has been binned or bagged or piled at unheard of moisture levels. It needs to be dried as soon as possible and cannot be left out in the cold for extended periods of time unattended. Due to the continued difficulties in getting the crop harvested this fall, we’ve been recommending producers get their crops any way they can, as long as it goes through the combine. However, once it is harvested and in stora

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