Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

The Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary, whole farm, self-assessment tool that helps producers identify their environmental risks and develop plans for mitigation. It was designed for farmers, by farmers. This convenient tool allows producers to log current environmental stewardship practices and access funding to make on-farm improvements.

ARECA has been delivering the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) on behalf of the Government of Alberta since 2013.

Under ARECA’s leadership Alberta EFP has been successful in:

  • Developing the online WebBook

  • Creating and strengthening partnerships with the ag industry and all three orders of government

  • Developing the new Habitat & Biodiversity Assessment Tool

Why do an EFP?

  • Helps farmers identify and mitigate environmental risks which increasing operational efficiency

  • Protect water, air, and soil quality

  • Leave a healthy and productive farm for the next generation

  • Enables farmers access to CAP (Canadian Agricultural Partnership)

  • Gain and retain market access for sustainably sourced food


“We sell into a global marketplace and those companies demand (an environmental) commitment.” – Terence Hochstein, Potato Growers of Alberta


“We did an Environmental Farm plan when they first came out and when we make ranch changes today, we still go back and reference that workbook.” – Sean McGrath, Vermilion Farmer

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