ARECA's mission is to assist our member associations to be viable and sustainable in achieving their visions.
Together we:
  • Are driven by producer-run boards.

  • Through our member associations we have approximately 1500 members, with another 50,000+ receiving information through newsletters and events.

  • Is a direct link for industry and government to producers, and a link for producers to researchers.

  • Work directly with producers to improve agricultural practices for long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

  • Partner with hundreds of groups around Alberta, representing industry, government, producer and environmental associations.

  • Maintain large libraries of information available to producers and agriculture industry personnel.

  • Distribute regular newsletters and magazines.

  • Host Workshops, Grazing Schools, Tours, Seminars, Conferences and other extension activities covering a wide variety of topics from crops, forages and livestock to agro-forestry, medicinal and other special crops.

  • Conduct applied research plots and demonstration sites.

  • Have knowledgeable staff able to quickly respond to the changing needs of the agriculture industry.

  • Provide agronomic and extension support.

  • Deliver the Environmental Farm Plan to producers.